Winter Running Lights

As the early morning’s of Western Australia are slowly becoming darker, bike lights should be at the top of your shopping list for your safety this winter. It is a legal requirement in Australia to have your vehicle illuminated whilst it is dark and yes, this counts for bikes too. At KD Cycles, riding our bikes are important to us, but safety is even more important. Queensland Centre of Accident Research and Road Safety (2019) discuss that a total of 7000 cyclists are hospitalized each year. Lights can be the lifesaver in these situations as they not only illumiate the route ahead but attract others around you.

We highly recommend that you use lights for increased visibilty for road users around you, and having better visibilty of hazards and obsticles on all terrains. Lights generally have varying modes that the user can change to depending upon the environment surronding. We often recommmend a solid strobing function or strobing function for those with limited modes. This attracts other peoples attention the best.

We have a great range of lights with varying lumens, sizes, battery options and mounting systems. We offer packaged lights with front and rears , whilst also a vast amount of mounting brackets.

Even if you dont purchase lights through us we really emphasize the importance of having lights whilst riding at night or day as these small instruments are often life savers.

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