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WhisperDrive Smart

Self-generating electronic trainer. Powered by you.

The WhisperDRIVE™ Smart is powered by pedalling, no need to plug it into mains power.

It utilizes a high precision braking system designed and housed in an All-In-One resistance unit. This All-In-One unit efficiently turns your pedal strokes into power all whilst offering precise resistance, realistic road feel, whisper quiet performance and USB power to charge your devices.

It’s all in the name. A revelation in silence.

Conventional wisdom says that indoor trainers will undoubtedly be noisy and offensive, friendless but sometimes necessary items. The WhisperDrive Smart is a revelation in silence. Your bike’s drivetrain will probably be louder than this; even the electric pedestal fan you use will be louder than this.

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A fully self-generating dual technology electronic trainer, the WhisperDrive Smart, supports ANT+ FEC and Bluetooth Smart. Delivering speed, cadence, power and features ERG mode, simulation (ride the world) and abilities to connect to your favorite 3rd party training platforms, like Zwift, The Sufferfest, Trainerroad etc. Along with the ability to recharge your device while you train.

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