Bike Fit



Interview with Cyclist

  • Body anatomy
  • Riding style
  • Physiological factors – Past, Present & Future
  • Fitness Level and goal setting

Tuning the Parameters of your bicycle:

  • Saddle height and angle
  • Fore & Aft position
  • Handlebar width and drop
  • Stem length and rise
  • Advice on body form and alignment
Service is available for all types of bicycles

Aero Fit


Utilising the same techniques as the bike fit, an Aero Fit will optimise your position on either your TT/Tri bike, or your road bike with aerobars


installation and fitting of Aero Bars.
Fine tuning for the ultimate Aero position

  • Time Trial
  • Triathlon
  • Basic road riding

Cleat Fit


Correct cleat position is a critical component to pedaling comfort, power transfer and great fit.

Cleat fit will help prevent:

  • Hot Spots
  • Numb Feet
  • Pinched nerves


  • Adjustment of the Fore & Aft of pedal Cleats over the ball of the foot.
  • Alignment of pedal cleats with the natural angle of your feet while pedaling.
Service is available for all types of bicycles
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