Baden Gray ”Bay”


Ever since Baden was born he has been riding bikes with his father the Owner, Daniel Gray. Before his move to Football, Baden was a competitive racer in junior road cycling, he has podium in the WA State Criterium and winning the WA Junior tour. Baden also loves mountain biking has has raced that competitively too. Baden then moved sports to Football and Futsal being a multiple state and national representative. Whilst doing that Baden has been a long standing representative of KD cycles for over 13 years, Baden is very passionate about cycling and very knowledage about his bikes too

Favourite Bike.

My favourite bike has to be the Cannondale Scalpel Hi-MOD 1, its the ultimate cross country racers bike, with feathery weight, top of the line suspension and insane handling, its everything i want in a mountain bike.

Favourite Place to Ride.

My favourite place to ride is the Adelaide Hills.

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