KD Cycles rider Colin Rose has been very busy with racing lately. After completing the  World UCI Grand Fondo, this is what colin had to say.

The week had finally arrived which all started 12 months earlier when I qualified for the world masters road championships at Amy’s Gran Fondo. The first race was the Individual Time Trial held on Rottnest The morning started with clear skies and a steady breeze. In stark contrast to the day before. before the course was closed I went out and rode the course one more time and then came back to the unit and out my feet up. I paid to have a trainer available one hour before my scheduled start time. Once I was one the trainer to warm up I zoned out to every thing around me. When i was in the starting box I was warmed up and ready  to go. Within the 1st km my heart rate was up to about 172 bpm and stayed up there for the whole ride, at the end i had an average of 174bpm and a maximum of 179. Rottnest is a hard and technical course open to the wind. Felt good and strong through the ride and gave it my all, but on the day was not good enough for a medal finishing in 6th place 39sec off the gold medal.

With the TT done and dusted I was feeling a bit low, the following day, but once on the bike I actually felt good in the legs and my thoughts turned to the RR. Sunday Morning arrived slightly overcast and cool. My race plan was to just sit in and make a move on the last lap. Going out along the freeway two riders went off the front. I saw them go and had an opportunity to go but was too early in my plan. the first time up the zig zag I was in a good position the bunch started to split and i was still with the main field going down hill out of Kalamunda i was towards the back and struggled due to my position in the field, but managed to get through it. I had something to eat and moved towards the front the second time up the zig zag. I was feeling good and coming through the feed zone Andrew Simpson was feeding me passed me up my bidon. Coming into Mundaring I had a go and got away and was soon joined by a frenchman and then a brit and south  african. the main field saw the danger and closed it down. The two escapees were finally caught and coming into the zig zag the field was together. I missed the move and tried to go. then the counter moves came but didn’t have the legs to go with them. the bunch was getting smaller with every km. Coming into the sprint it was just a matter of hanging on to a wheel and finish as far up the field as i could. In the end I was happy with the way I rode and had nothing left at the finish.
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