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July Newsletter 

The Cape to Cape MTB was first held in 2008 to a field that only reached about 100 participants. Nine years later it now holds the title as Australasia’s biggest MTB multi-stage endurance race with our biggest field going over 1300 competitors last year.

From the outset we saw this event as unique, “a ride not a race”! But over the years more and more people turned up to “race”, not just at the pointy end of the field but back in the middle and against their mates and also strangers. These strangers soon became friends and many people return each year not just for the ride or race but to catch up with old friends both on the course and at the finish lines.

Along the way we have had some hiccups, including losing a few riders to only find them stuck at a local winery, but we have been prepared to have a go and are working hard to improve the experience and the course year after year – most importantly always trying to maintain the friendly, fun vibe that has become the trademark of the Cape to Cape MTB.

This event has been a very big event for Western Australian MTB riders and KD Cycles is happy to support this very well run race, we hope to see you there!

2016 Stages 

Stage 1 is rather short in overall distance, but features plenty of steep climbs, lots of drifty loose soil, a few eye-wateringly fast descents and of course the infamous section along Deepdene Beach!  Each year the alignment for this stage does not change much but the conditions change a lot year to year!

Stage 2 starts out by taking in the fast loamy singletrack under the Karri trees in Boranup Forest, then negotiates a series of rocky limestone outcrops overlooking the coast before the elevation flattens off and the course heads inland through a number of the region’s famous vineyards.  Each year we add in a new section or two to keep things interesting for all riders!

Stage 3 is chock full of sweet singletrack! The start is a rollout down the main street of the Margaret River, which is a great opportunity to experience the scale of the event. This is then followed by all the best singletrack in the Margaret River area, which offers enough cornering grip and flow to get any mountain bike rider’s excitement levels locked to max!  This stage alignment gets a full makeover year to year as we keep the Special Stage truly special!

Stage 4 starts off by passing farmland, then takes in the amazing technical singletrack through Middle Earth. The course then traverses flat gravel roads, farmland and some tarmac as it heads north towards Cape Naturaliste, before culminating with the rocky singletrack around the Dunsborough Country Club’s golf course.  We add a few new sections year to year!




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